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            2019 China International Exposition on TCM Health Held in Guangzhou

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                   Themed with “inheriting essence and keeping innovation”, the 6th China International Exposition on TCM Health (hereinafter referred to as the “TCM Exposition”) was held at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall from October 31 to November 2, 2019. The Exposition was hosted by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and co-organized by Guangdong Zunsheng Chinese Medicine Investment Management Co., Ltd., Sinomachint and Guangzhou Poly Jinhan Exhibition Co., Ltd.
                   With an exhibition area totaling 22,000 square meters, the TCM Exposition attracted more than 400 domestic famous brands and more than 20 overseas exhibition groups. The exhibits included smart medical treatment, the special effects of traditional Chinese medicine, special zones for famous medicines, health foods, Chinese equipment and rehabilitation equipment, health and wellness exhibitions and trade zones. This Exposition accurately matched global high-level buyers, and held more than 20 high-end forums and activity competitions simultaneously in order to gain comprehensive insight into the forefront of the industry. The TCM Exposition and the China International Silver Industry Exhibition jointly displayed the achievements of the health industry in a comprehensive, extensive and deep way, including as they pertain to Chinese medicine and health care for the elderly.
                   During the Exhibition, a large number of summit forums, annual academic conferences and various seminars were also held, including the opening ceremony of the TCM Exhibition and International Forum on the Development of the Chinese Medicine Industry, the annual meeting of the Investment Research Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and the Forum on Investment and Financing of the Medical Health Industry, the Forum on Functional Food Industry Development, the International Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Conference, the 2019 New Model for the Development of TCM and the Youth Myopia Prevention and Control Conference, the 2019 Conference on Inheritance and Education of TCM and the Launching Ceremony of the Special Fund for Inheritance and Education of TCM and the Special Fund for the Diabetes Medical Association. The Exhibition offered excellent investment and financing services for projects and investors in TCM, established a positive academic platform for the exchange of TCM and Western medicine, and explored a new development concept for revitalizing TCM and promoting the spread of TCM abroad.