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            Location:About Sinomachint > Brief Introduction

            China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (SINOMACHINT) is a holding subsidiary of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH), a large state-owned business conglomerate and a Fortune Global 500 company. With the overall strategy of commercial exhibition and international trade as its “two engines” , SINOMACHINT is committed to building an integrated service platform for technology exchange and trade promotion between Chinese and foreign enterprises.
            SINOMACHINT has over 20 investment enterprises. In recent years, it has been granted honors including “Top 10 Most Inuential Exhibition Companies in China” , “Top 10 Exhibition Engineering Service Brands in China” as well as the “Best Exhibitor of China.” Today’ s SINOMACHINT, as a central enterprise, has already progressed into the largest and most comprehensive Chinese exhibition giant.
            Commercial exhibition is the core business of SINOMACHINT with over 60 years of experience in exhibition organizing and a professional organization team. SINOMACHINT has established a complete exhibition business system that integrates independent organization of domestic and international exhibitions, agency service for overseas exhibitions and exhibition engineering. Each year, SINOMACHINT hosts over 40 quality exhibitions in more than 30 large and medium cities in China, over the exhibition area totaling nearly 3 million square meters. The Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China) and Automechanika Shanghai co-hosted and organized by SINOMACHINT, in particular, both cracked into the top 40 on Top 100 Trade Shows of 2017 list. At the same time, it is the largest Chinese organizer of overseas exhibitions, hosting or agenting over 160 exhibitions in more than 100 foreign countries and regions each year. Each year, SINOMACHINT attracts 500,000 visits to its exhibitions paid by professional buyers, and it boasts an extensive high-quality clientele.
            In international trade, SINOMACHINT actively engages in global economic and technological cooperation, its business covering countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. In response to the Belt and Road Initiative, SINOMACHINT has drawn on the advantageous resources and brand eect to develop trade business both at home and abroad, and launch construction projects of cultural parks and industrial parks related to automobiles.
            Adhering to its core value of “Responsibility, Innovation, Coordination, Sharing” , SINOMACHINT is committed to “leading the development of the exhibition and convention industry in China, promoting the progress of China’ s manufacturing industry and accelerating the globalization of China’ s equipment companies.” With the integration of world economy, SINOMACHINT will strengthen cooperation with all sectors of society to make contributions to the economic prosperity of China and the world at large.